Who am I? That is such a difficult question. I used to be wild and free, nothing scared me at all, now days it is just the opposite. I work for a university and am working towards my degree. Yes, I am a late bloomer in the education department. I raised two amazing girls who are both in college and getting the education I kept telling them was so important. I on the other hand dropped out at 15 and got my GED. Skip forward I am now in my mid-forties and spending my first year as an empty-nester. I have one year left to get my degree, though some days it seems a 1000. My dream is to travel the world with just a few possessions, take photos, and volunteer. I am scared though, scared of crowds, people, and judgments. My self-confidence no longer exists it disappeared like a puff of smoke on a windy day. I hope though to be able to break this ever hardening shell that has seemed to trap me in my own misery.


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