Todays Poem

I wrote this poem based on an elderly couple I often see at the grocery store. I am always so touched by the husbands pure love for his wife.


True Love

I often see them in the market

The stooped crooked old man and his shuffling wife who is always neatly dressed

Gently he holds her elbow as they make their way slowly down the aisle

He names and shows her everything as he slowly fills the basket

Seemingly seeking her approval on every can and piece of fruit


Patiently they make their way up and down the crowded rows

He stops at the flowers and he holds a single rose to her nose

I hear him say a rose for a rose remember those days while he smiles

Then a single tear runs down his wrinkled leathery cheek he quickly wipes it away


I look at the old woman’s face for the first time to see if she sees it to

Only to find her eyes are blank, her mind has vanished leaving her a shell

He pats her hand and says that OK I remember and love you as much today as then

Off again they go as he shows her the cans of soup he is adding to the cart


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