My first poem

I have not written a poem since I was young. Then it was all about how miserable I was with the heart break of my teen years. I thought I would try now that I am middle aged and still miserable at times but more then anything I am lonely.I figure what have I got to lose, you never know I may make a friend while I am at it.

OK so here we go I am going to give this a shot.

A summer’s breeze cools the sun’s rays on my warm face

Birds sing a happy melody calling to one another in pure joy

I hear the hum of a lawn mower, as the smell of freshly mowed grass tickles my nose

The faded memories of summers past with my sister rush in to my mind

Memories of catching fireflies in jars and playing tag till dark

Sharing sticky Popsicle secrets while her legs pressed against mine on the porch

Sneaking out together to hang out with the cute boys

We thought we were so cool with our feathered hair and finger-less lace gloves

Painting nails and giggling as we whisper tales only sisters share

A tear escapes and falls on the cold marble stone, all that is left of her


In Memory of Shelby Anne Phillippi



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